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Killer Guides’ Aion Guide Review

Price: $29.99

Update: Free

Rating: ★★★★★

This Aion Guide by Killer Guides comes highly recommended. Instead of focusing solely on leveling, the guide picks out advance leveling strategies and quest walkthroughs that aid in leveling up fast. If you’re looking for a guide that highlights all the important quest you must do, proven leveling strategies you could implement in various scenarios and a handful of other strategies for every aspect of the game, then this is the guide for you.

Also found in the guide are complete chapters on recommended equipment, skills and items to keep an eye out for and much more. At only $29.99 with free updates, the Aion Guide by Killer Guides is great for anyone looking for the more unique and advanced Aion strategies for an extra edge in the game. (updated 10/11/2011)

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Aion Kinah Guide Review

Price: $37.00
Update: Free
Rating: ★★★☆☆

This Aion Kinah guide is pretty much a Kinah bible. Everything you need to know about making money in the game is covered. For anyone who’s looking for a one stop source of everything Kinah, then this guide comes highly recommended.

Things to look out for in the guide include crafting techniques and professions as well as gathering up to level 399. Enchantment stones and mana stones are also extensively covered. Tactics to make Kinah from private stores and grinding are featured along with Kinah-making quests.

They also have a 60 days money back guarantee which makes it an even more interesting deal. As stated on their site, if for any reason you don’t like the guide, they’ll give you a refund. Personally, I found the guide very useful and see absolutely no need for second thinking. Get the guide and start making Kinah like never before. (updated 10/11/2011)

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Aion Mastery Guide Review

Price (bundle): $67
Price (single guide): $37
Update: Free
Rating: ★★★☆☆

Aion Mastery GuideThe Aion Mastery Guide pack offers 3 guide at the price of $67. The pack includes an Elyos leveling guide, an Asmodian leveling guide and a Kinah guide. The Elyos and Asmodian guide focuses mainly on leveling and questing, particularly ways to level up fast.

Kinah is another aspect featured in the pack under a separate Kinah guide. The guide explains how to successfully craft and make money. You can look up exactly what to make and what to farm and hit level 50 with all the money you would ever need. The Aion Mastery Guide comes highly recommended.

The benefit of splitting the guide: you can chose to get either one of the guide to get a source of fully packed information that you need instead of very thick book out of which only 20% is useful to you. (updated 10/11/2011)

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Kozen Aion Guide Review

Price: $37.00
Updates: Free
Rating: ★★★½☆

Kozen Aion GuideThe Kozen Aion Guide offers a compact reference for both Asmodians and Elyos players. Highlights of the guide include leveling tips for both races. ways to make loads of Kinah and a full look into the Abyss. A very useful guide for anyone starting out in Aion and wanting to hit level 50 as fast as possible.

A highly recommended guide for leveling and money-making. Once you reach the level cap, getting another guide which focuses on strategies, battle strategies and methods to further enhance your character via skills, equipment, so on and so forth would be the best way to go.

Getting a copy of the Kozen Aion Guide makes sure you complete quest fast and enjoy the leveling up process as oppose to grinding through each level.

Click Here to Download Now!

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Preview: Killer Guides Aion Guides

Product previews are not something that can be openly shared with the public. I was however able to get an OK from a Killer Guides representative to share a sneak peak of one of their Aion guides with you.

Besides Aion English guides, it seems that German version of the guide is available along with other Aion guides such as Gladiator and Assassin. Going back to the guide preview, here’s a section cut out from their Aion Quest guide for you to check out:

Killer Guides Preview 1

Being one of those people who believe in guides, I’d like to recommend the Aion guides that are being offered at the Killer Guides online shop. In general, I would say their guides are very well perceived, the perception in terms of guide content focus, relevance or level of experience of the targeted reader would depend on individual’s personal perception.

Besides their Aion Strategy guide, they also offer a full set of class guides for every class in the game as well as a Kinah guide. At the moment, the other guides are available for pre-order and are planned for release in these few weeks. Some of the content included in their Aion guides include Aion quests guides, walkthroughs, kinah-making strategies, leveling tips, strategies to perform outstandingly in every enounter and an abundance of advance gaming strategies any player can employ.

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SPECIAL PROMOTION from Killer Guides, December 2009

Hey everyone!

This is probably the chance everyone was waiting for. Killer Guides just announced that they will have a special promotion for the month of December.

From 1 December to – 7 December 2009
Buy 1 guide, get another 1 guide for FREE!

From 1 December – 31 December 2009
Buy or upgrade to a bundle and your next purchase will be for only half the price! AND you will get a chance to win a Xbox 360 Elite, a Razer Carcharias Professional PC Gaming Headset and many more!

Here is the catch~
If you buy a guide and upgrade it to a bundle you will get double the chance to win all these awesome prizes. Totally recommended!! And you will get your next purchases for half the price if you choose to buy more guides. Best ever offer I have seen so far from Killer Guides.

For further information on this promotion, visit Killer Guides

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Review: Aion Gladiator Guide Test reading

Aion Gladiator Sample

Hooray…just got another mail from KillerGuides dude asking me to give them a feedback on their Gladiator Guide which unfortunately still in the test-reading process.  (´ロ`)

Ok! it’s better than nothing though. Right now the guide seems to be in a good direction.

All the core section is well-organized and the leveling section is very easy to understand.

If only there would be more content to review.

I’ll come back and add more info when there’s more info in the guide. Until then….

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Review: Aion Chanter Guide

Aion Chanter Guide example

Good news!   (for me particularly ヽ(´ー`)ノ)
I just got this test-reading version of the Aion Chanter Guide from KillerGuides since I’m a long time customer of them.

Although this one is merely the test-reading version, it has a potential to be a decent guide.
The author lays out the leveling section into a bullet-point base which the easy-to-follow instruction on where to go ans who to talk to. They even categorize it in color code.

Being one of those players in the closed beta, I really wish I got this guide earlier. T-T
The walkthrough should help me get through all the necessary quests so that I have more time to explore the beautiful world. I talked to one of the guy there and he said that the complete version should come out very soon. Hooray!

Check out their site and you might find something that suits your need. Me? I’ll enjoy myself in the open beta with the guide by myself.  See you around the Sanctum.

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Aion Guides

Online game guides are something that comes hand-in-hand with MMORPGs regardless of the game. Some gamers may argue that guides are a waste of time, while others easily climb to the top ten players in their servers with the use of guides (of course not everyone would admit that they seeked help to get there, I for one would like others to believe I got to the top on my own).

For every new game that gets released, guides tend to appear weeks prior to the official launch. Reason being, to help players get well prepared for the game. Aion in particular, sees a lot of guides being retailed months before the game is officially released in the US and EU. Obviously enough, with the success of the game in the Asian gaming community, guide publishers takes on an early head-start in getting quality guides ready for US and EU player given the expected blastful release.

All sorts of references, community sites and databases now feature sections specifically dedicated to Aion guides and references. One particular guide publisher, Killer Guides, have went the extra mile with the preparation of a full Aion guides bundle planned for release in time for September 2009.

Having purchased their Aion strategy guide at half the price during their Early Bird promotion, I myself found the guide very useful for my beta play. With a significant coverage of the important aspects of Aion Online, together with valuable tips and recommendations, I would think their other Aion guides such as the class guides and Kinah guides would come with the same quality.

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Aion Warrior

Warrior emblem

Warrior emblem

Warriors are the tanking class in Aion. They are the only class capable of using Plate armor, giving them higher defense than any of the others. Along with this, the Warriors are the only classes that obtain skills to help them gain aggression on mobs, making mobs “hate” them more. This helps because it reduces the chance that group members will be attacked by the mobs. Note that these aggression skills are not obtained until choosing a class after Ascension.

The main thing to do as a Warrior is choose between the Templar and Gladiator. These are both very different characters. They both have the ability to tank, however the Templar is much more specialized for it. The Gladiator is more specialized towards dealing damage to enemies.

When playing as a Warrior, there is less to worry about than other classes. Whereas most of the others are worried about the amount of damage they are taking, the Warrior does not have as much of a fear. This does not mean they are invincible, just that there is less risk involved when playing as one.

The good parts of this class are :

  • Very high defense, giving more survivability
  • Ability to use shields

The negative parts are :

  • Lower attack power than other classes

The Warrior’s weapon of choice is a sword, and they are also able to use shields. Shields increase their defense by allowing them to block enemy attacks, enhancing their ability to survive even more!

The worst part of this class is their attacks are not as strong as other classes. At the same time, however, their defense more than makes up for this down-fall.

Warriors can be considered as a good class for new players to Aion to try out, due to having the best defensive statistics. This allows newer players to learn how the battle system works, how to kill mobs, etc. without dying constantly.

In solo play and group play, Warriors have the same goals : To attack mobs and kill them as fast as possible. The only difference is that in group play Warriors will also need to worry about protecting their group member(s) from mobs.

Like with most other MMORPGs, players each find ways to stand out as a Warrior against other players. The easiest but very much argued in terms of ethics would be using Aion exploits and cheats as oppose to the more traditional class guides; for this case, Aion Warrior guides.

Conclusion : The Warrior is the highest defense class available. It has lower damage than the other classes, however it has to worry much less about how much damage it is taking. The Warrior is suited to both solo and group play, and in fact other classes (especially Rogues) would benefit greatly from having them in their group!

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