Aion Crafting

In Aion, people can pick up the following crafting skills:

  • Armorsmithing: Create anything that uses metal and serves for personal protection. This can be chain mail or plate mail as well as any other armor that uses metal.
  • Weaponsmithing: Smith melee weapons like swords, maces, daggers and everything else made out of metal for aggressive combat.
  • Tailoring: Lets you create cloth and leather armor for the squishy classes. You’ll need fibrous plants and leather to create items with tailoring.
  • Handicrafting: Required to craft your own bow, staff and other rough works – such as jewelry (yeah, I know). Accordingly the skill uses up wood, precious metal and gems.
  • Cooking: Self-explanatory and the same as in every other MMORPG. Lets you cook food and requires raw ingredients.
  • Alchemy: Your future profession if you are into potion-making. You’ll need to stock up on plants to make this craft work.

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