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Preview: Killer Guides Aion Guides

Product previews are not something that can be openly shared with the public. I was however able to get an OK from a Killer Guides representative to share a sneak peak of one of their Aion guides with you.

Besides Aion English guides, it seems that German version of the guide is available along with other Aion guides such as Gladiator and Assassin. Going back to the guide preview, here’s a section cut out from their Aion Quest guide for you to check out:

Killer Guides Preview 1

Being one of those people who believe in guides, I’d like to recommend the Aion guides that are being offered at the Killer Guides online shop. In general, I would say their guides are very well perceived, the perception in terms of guide content focus, relevance or level of experience of the targeted reader would depend on individual’s personal perception.

Besides their Aion Strategy guide, they also offer a full set of class guides for every class in the game as well as a Kinah guide. At the moment, the other guides are available for pre-order and are planned for release in these few weeks. Some of the content included in their Aion guides include Aion quests guides, walkthroughs, kinah-making strategies, leveling tips, strategies to perform outstandingly in every enounter and an abundance of advance gaming strategies any player can employ.

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Review: Aion Chanter Guide

Aion Chanter Guide example

Good news!   (for me particularly ヽ(´ー`)ノ)
I just got this test-reading version of the Aion Chanter Guide from KillerGuides since I’m a long time customer of them.

Although this one is merely the test-reading version, it has a potential to be a decent guide.
The author lays out the leveling section into a bullet-point base which the easy-to-follow instruction on where to go ans who to talk to. They even categorize it in color code.

Being one of those players in the closed beta, I really wish I got this guide earlier. T-T
The walkthrough should help me get through all the necessary quests so that I have more time to explore the beautiful world. I talked to one of the guy there and he said that the complete version should come out very soon. Hooray!

Check out their site and you might find something that suits your need. Me? I’ll enjoy myself in the open beta with the guide by myself.  See you around the Sanctum.

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